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Polyester enclosures

  • Ingress protection IP 66, EN 60529
  • Glassfibre-reinforced duroplastic polyester (halogen-free), optionally with graphite addition for polyester enclosures in Ex areas.
  • Eexe enclosures available upon enquiry:
  • Excellent protection and insulation grades
  • Resistant zo corrosion, sea water, weathering and aggressive chemical substances
  • Resistant to acids, fats, oils, detergents, petrochemical products such as (supergrade) petrol, benzole, diesel oil, etc.
  • Resistant to impact and distortion, hardly inflammable to UL-S94.Vo and self-extinguishing.
  • Ideal protection in hot water, stream areas and in humid climates
  • Lid seal withtongue-and-groove system
  • EPDM round seal as standard, oil benzene resistant Temperature resistance: -40C to +110C
  • Silicone seal available at extra charge Temperature resistance: -60C to +130C
  • Colour: grey as standard, similar to RAL 7000; in graphite, similar to RAL 9005
  • Delivery as empty box or as terminal enclosure, equipped with terminal blocks and terminal strips from various manufacturers
  • Drill holes and cut outs as per drawing, draft or sample
Application areas

All application areas for standard enclosures with very tough requirements regarding corrosion resistance, aggressive chemical media or oils/fats, coolants and detergents, hot water areas, stream, high insulation an impact resistance.


Chemical industry, atomotive industry, electronics industry, food industry, costal/sea-water areas, shipbuilding, plant engineering, electroplanting, mechanical engineering etc.

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Enclosure specificationDimensions mmEnclosure packing unitMaterialDetail
VP 0757580551polyesterdetail
VP 115511075551polyesterdetail
VP 117511075751polyesterdetail
VP 122122120901polyesterdetail
VP 160160160901polyesterdetail
VP 165516075551polyesterdetail
VP 167516075751polyesterdetail
VP 195519075551polyesterdetail
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