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DIN rails
mounting plates
DIN rails
To fix terminal blocks or other components. Please note that the mounting of terminals on a DIN rail depends on the terminal type and manufacture(e.g. Conta, Phoenix, etc.) ArticleRailRail mounting lengthTotal rail lengthNo. of terminals for terminal sizeFor enclosure  mmmm2,5mm²4mm²10mm² TS 075TS 155066650VP 075TS 075TS 32/355066650VP 075TS 1155TS 15809612100VP 1155TS 1155TS 32/35809612100VP 1155TS 1175TS 15809612100VP 1175TS 1175TS 32/35809612100VP 1175TS 122TS 32/358210214108VP 122TS 160TS 32/35120140201612VP 160TS 1655TS 1513014820160VP 1655TS 1655TS 32/3513014820160VP 1655TS 1675TS 32/3513014820160VP 1675TS 1675TS 1513014820160VP 1675TS 1955TS 1516017826220VP 1955TS 1955TS 32/3516017826220VP 1955TS 1975TS 1516017826220VP 1975TS 1975TS 32/3516017826220VP 1975TS 220TS 32/35180200322820VP 220TS 2512TS 32/35215235383222VP 2512TS 360TS 32/35320340605038VP 360TS 40212TS 32/35360380685642VP 40212TS 40412TS 32/35360380685642VP 40412TS 560TS 32/35520560967542VP 560TS 757TS 155066650VP 757TS 757TS 32/355066650VP 757TS260TS 32/35220240403424VP 260
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